Welcome in AL Fouad For Trading & Industry , where we inform you in details about our business products, all our products are relevant to metal packaging .

Al Fouad for trading established in 1996 , we are proud that we are pioneer in metal packaging . we keep the principle lower profit , big quantity , mutual benefit for producers ,selling competitive price magnificent packaging.

Please have a look on our products :

a)Electrolytic tin plate (ETP) & Tin Free Steel (TFS).

b)Twist off Caps.

c) Easy Open end , Normal open end , Peel Off ends & RLT.

d)Supplying & Trading Metal & paper  Printing equipment such as ( Printing plate, Rubber blanket , offset Inks ,etc,...

e)Import & marketing  for tin can Making lines.

f)Inspection & quality control tools for Tin Cans.

We promise that our prices , quality , service will  meet your satisfaction  

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